Once your application has been approved and your possession date is scheduled, you are responsible for contacting the utility companies to start service in your name on the date your tenancy begins. We offer a FREE Concierge service to our residents for internet, cable, and/or alarm systems. Please visit our site here: My Free Connection and a representative from Citizen Home Solutions will contact you to assist in setting up your utilities at your new house with PURE Property Management of Washington.


Once your application is approved, you will be notified by our staff. You will be required to pay the first full month's rent and sign the lease agreement within 48 hours. We sign our rental agreements through an E-Signature process. We will need email addresses for each new resident, and all documents will be signed via E-Signature.

The remaining move-in funds must be paid a minimum of 3-business days before possession. They must be paid into your portal.Any delay of payment will result in a delay of key exchange.

We conduct Lock Box Move-in's. We sign all documents using Docusign and once all funds have been received to our office, we will email you the lock box code on your date of possession. We will keep the lock box on the house and when you move out, you will place a house key in the same box. Our residents find this to be less stressful than meeting up to exchange money and keys. Please note personal checks will NOT be accepted as move in funds. Move in funds must be paid in either Cashier’s Check or Money Order only payable to PURE Property Management of Washington. All rent funds must be paid separate from deposits

At PURE Property Management of Washington, we go above and beyond what is required by the WA State RLTA to memorialize the condition of the property at the time of move in. Not only do we provide a statement of condition and a move in condition checklist, as required by WA State, we also take the time to fully document the condition of the property with color photos labeled by room and fixture.

We find the move out process to be perhaps the most stressful part of a move for the residents, and the opportunity for disputing damages and cleaning at the time of move out is high, when you depend on just a move in check list. The importance of the photos protects your security deposit deductions from pre-existing condition charges, it protects the investor's property so there is clear and convincing evidence of its original condition and it protects our reputation. It is a win-win for all involved. However, it is time consuming.

It is our goal to give all of our residents every opportunity to maximize their security deposit refund and we believe the move in process plays a crucial role.