Notice to Vacate

We are sorry to see you leave as a resident of PURE Property Management of Washington.  We understand moving is a busy and stressful time for everyone.  We’ve listed some tips below to help and our processes.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your property manager.  

Please remember that a certain amount of cleaning is expected of you when you move out. It is our goal to refund 100% of your security deposit (minus the agreed upon charges in the lease, such as carpet cleaning, lock rekeying, and final water and/or sewer bills) and by following the checklist below you will help us achieve that goal. If you need assistance with any of these items, we have a list of professional vendors that we can refer to you for their services. 


On the day of your move-out, please leave all keys/garage door remotes/access cards/etc in your unit except for one main door key.  The one main door key needs to be placed in the keybox we left at the property when you moved in.  If you do not have a key box, please hide the key and email us the location of that key.

When you are 100% done at the property, please lock the front door behind you and call our office to notify the team that you have surrendered the property. You will not be allowed to access the property after this time for any reason. 

Security Deposit

Please do not call or email to ask about any deductions there may be. Itemizations are typically completed between the 18th-20th of each month following the month in which you vacated. 

Note :

Estimated Costs

Prior to your move-in, your rental property will be cleaned, locks re-keyed, and any carpets will be professionally cleaned. Upon your move-out, the property is expected to be in the same clean condition. Upon move-out, the following items will be inspected and considered with respect to possible deductions from your security deposit. Final deductions will be based on the actual cleaning or repair costs incurred by the PURE Property Management of Washington company from the respective contractors assigned to complete repairs/unfinished work. PURE Property Management of Washington will add a $xxx coordination fee to schedule repairs/unfinished work.

Cleaning Checklist

Notice to Vacate Form